Friday, 14 December 2018

Welcome to "Gods Own Country"

Kerala, the land of lagoons and beaches invites you to discover the meaning of enchantment and is a made-to-order vacation paradise. it is studded with lively palm-fringed widesandy beaches, limitless stretches of lush vegetation andmist shrouded mountains. Apart from exotic scenery. Kerala unfolds a cultural canvas, fascinating in its variety. The frenzied tempo of snake boat races. The classical dignity of Kathakali. The lyrical beauty of Mohiniyattam. The satirical wit of Ottan Thullal. The controlled skill of Kalaripayattu and the exquisite workmanship of Keraia handicrafts. A visit to this tiny fertile friendly land will reveal a kaleidoscope of deeprooted cultures, traditions and delightful sensations. Though this land of rivers and backwaters is busy raising valuable cash crops like tea, rubber, cardamom, coffee and cashewnut, but, it still lives at the leisurely pace of ageless craft plying in canals and backwaters.

The influence of Kerala’s trade links with far off nations and civilisations is still evident in its architectural styles and Chinese fishing nets. The State is an epitome of secularism and a masterpiece of unity in diversity. All the religions flourished side by side in the centuries that followed and the entire landscape is dotted with temples, churches, mosques and synagogues. The State has a reputation of imbibing anything new but it also holds on to its rich traditions and culture. Keralites are regarded as the most enterprising and industrious people in the country. Their substantial presence all over the world especially in the Gulf countries has helped the country to earn valuable foreign exchange.